Each candle is made from beeswax, individually dipped and shaped by hand. These intricate objects are made in small quantities. Beeswax is naturally fragrant; there is no additional scent. Trim wick before use and burn with intention.
beeswax, black - two cotton wick
~11.5" tall, ~3/4 - 1" base
45 usd
edition of 10
in a room, devoid of draft,
place the object in a holder of
appropriate size. you may
melt the bottom to secure it.

trim wick & ignite
observe,   quietly,   listen.

within yourself some thing
arises. allow it to leave.
watch and do nothing.
waving   goodbye
the flame dances,
whispering secrets. sit here.
it would be unwise to turn your
back to an open flame.
wax drips, escaping death.
prepare accordingly.
with time and neglect, a white
dust-like bloom may develop on the
surface. this is a natural property
of beeswax. it can be removed
with a soft damp cloth.

the atmosphere opens filling
the space it surrounds you.