Stream of Sureness - 2022
64 beeswax candles distributed in a grid to create an evenly dense field of flames.
Shown as a part of  "I am trying to dream" at the Material Room in Richmond. Organized by Willy Anderson with Taylor Tobin, Claire Busby, Ash Galka, and Virginia Aveline.
Club Sentimientos Vol 2
DJ Python
- 2022

50 teal and natural beeswax candles, spiral with one long appendage. Created for a limited edition vinyl bundle, on Incienso records.

To light a candle, spray your wrist or put on a record. Same thing yo (~;
- brian

photographs by Ren Schwarz
Set design for performance by Angels Cant See at The Camel - 2022
Hidden Knowledge, in deep burgundy and dark olive, edition of 10 each for Eden Airlines Gallery art market - 2022 & 2021
One Hundred Green Candles - 2022
Burgundy Study - 2021
meditation, for jake - 2021
cocktail party, for liza and piper - 2021
Centerpieces for The Meal by Liza Pittard - 2020
Dinner theater happening with companion zine
Selected Work - Summer 2020 through Summer 2021
In the Calendar series, each recording was released with a set of candles, once a month. Here is work from that series, in addition to commissions and objects made for friends.
Edition for 8Fields Market in Philadelphia - 2021
Candle to Catch a Fallen Egg & Candle Fruit
Abor Fete - 2020, organized by Maeve Corcoran

top right image (second on mobile) by Christian Michael Fildardo